Entry #1

VMain Move IT

2007-09-23 00:35:05 by SAGE2215

Hello this is the artis of VMian as you see in some of the song titles. If you like these songs, i can give them to you for FREE! Thats right, FREE! but you better hury these songs wont stay on here for long. I will be having them up for 3 months. After those 3 months there going to be riped out of NG, and will be making new ones. If you want the whole 10 tracks of VMain, Please send me your screen name of AIM only, i do not use Yahoo IM, b/c it sucks, but anyways just send me your screen name ethier on NG or my email address, which is tpotpro38@sbcglobal.net

When you send me your screen name, saying that you would like to have the album sent directly to you. please note, that evey track is under copy right law, and you must have permission of the owner (which is me) to let you do what ever you might add.

-Thank you and have a great day


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